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Build Your Kingdom.
An employee that feels safe in their work environment is extremely willing to refer other potential employees. A candidate who is referred by a current employee is 2/3 more likely to accept your job offer.
Defend the Castle.
Completing our diversity and inclusion training can save your business from a costly discrimination lawsuit. Many businesses have been forced to shut down after being ordered to pay hefty fines from discrimination claims.
Rule The World.
Companies that have inclusion policies and practices in place breed loyalty and trust in their employees. Employees who are invested in their job will perform better and stay longer. 
Is diversity training necessary if I don't have LGBT employees?
11 million Americans have openly identified themselves as a part of the LGBT community. It is extremely likely that you have at least one LGBT employee. However, if they feel discriminated against or unsupported in the workplace, they may never say anything even if things get bad. Often, they will go straight to a lawyer if they feel they have been discriminated against.
Is diversity training too expensive?
Compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars lawsuits can cost a business, our training is extremely inexpensive. Each training package is priced according to the size of your business and tailored to fit your specific needs based on the results of your risk assessment.
Is diversity training too time consuming?
We crafted this training with your valuable time in mind. We only include the most important information and split the employee training into easy-to-learn modules that can be completed at a pace of your choosing so production is not affected. 
Will this training benefit my employees?
When employees feel safe and supported they are more productive, trusting, loyal, innovative, and satisfied overall with their career. They are also physcially and mentally healthier which promotes productivity and a higher quality of work.
Why should I choose your company to deliver this training?
We are the foremost diversity & inclusion training experts. We have saved business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped companies just like yours create an inclusive and therefore cohesive work enviroment for their employees.
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Take Advantage of the FREE Risk Assessment! 
The Risk Assessment is a free tool provided to help you determine if your business is at risk according to the most current Title VII non-discrimination laws. 

These are FEDERAL laws that have been amended to include and protect Transgender employees across the United States. 

Because these laws can be particularly tricky to navigate, we want to help you stay in compliance and keep your business safe.

With your results we will include instructions to aid you in correcting anything that may be putting you and your company at risk.

Simply click on the button below, answer a few short (yes/no) questions, and receive your results. 

It's that easy.

About Us
Think Transition is a company geared toward businesses who want to prioritize the successful integration of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals into their workplace.

This program gives step-by-step instructions on how to integrate a new or newly transitioning employee into your organization. It also answers questions regarding preferred pronouns, legal requirements, coworker concerns, accidental misgendering, and many additional concerns that may arise.

With my background experience in workplace integration I am confident that this program will benefit your organization in becoming a safer and more inclusive place. Laws regarding transgender rights are quickly changing throughout the country, and it is important to be ahead of the curve in appropriate workplace behaviors and protocols.
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